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17 June 2024

At Olvy, we believe in problem-solving and aim to help product builders keep creating magic.

Every day, we take a step towards building something that helps builders stay closer to their customers and after months of working on your valuable feedback, we are finally ready to reintroduce ourselves and prepare Olvy for the next generation of builders.

We are super excited to introduce Olvy 3.0 — is a game-changer designed to bring you closer to your customers, and speed up your feedback analysis process 10x faster with AI!

Olvy 3.0 is built to help Product Teams effectively manage and analyze user feedback.

Here’s what Olvy 3.0 brings to the table:

AI Auto Listener

Rather than manually collecting and analyzing feedback from different sources, simply integrate your sources with Olvy and enable Auto Listener to automatically filter genuine feedback from the noise and collect it in your workspace.

Olvy AI automatically detects feedback from your customer support chats or community channel discussions and brings it to your workspace. This way you can stay on top of your user voice with no effort and let AI do the manual work!

Ask Olvy

No more struggling with large volumes of user feedback and locating the right feedback. Simply Ask Olvy a question and it'll answer your queries in seconds. Ask Olvy scan all your feedback, filter the ones relevant to your search query, and then generate a summary along with the next actions.

Want to learn more about it? - Here you go!

AI Autofills

Overwhelmed by a flood of feedback and struggling to organize it for different teams or product segments?

With Olvy AI, effortlessly categorize customer feedback tailored to your company's context, turning chaos into clarity. AI Autofills is a smart, flexible solution that creates AI-powered Custom Properties for your workspace's feedback, enriching your data seamlessly.

Want to learn more about it? - Here you go!


With Olvy AI Copilot, finding patterns in feedback relied on keyword extraction, feedback type, and other insights, but these methods weren't enough to clearly identify patterns and lacked a broader picture. This made it difficult to gain deep insights from customer feedback.

Themes organize feedback into overarching themes, providing a comprehensive view and making it easier than ever to identify and understand key patterns in your data.

Want to learn more about it? - Here you go!

Video Feedback Uploader

Hour-long user calls can be exhausting, and extracting feedback from those calls can be equally challenging.

That’s where Olvy comes in! Olvy’s Video Feedback Uploader lets you upload all your user calls directly to Olvy, making feedback extraction effortless.

After uploading a call, Olvy AI generates a video transcript. You can then either manually extract feedback from the transcript or let Olvy AI do it automatically in just a few seconds.

Want to learn more about this? - Here you go!

Olvy Rebranding

Alongside all the new features we introduced, a new update is we are also working on rebranding ourselves towards a more adaptable future. To begin with, Olvy's design team presents our re-designed landing page and logo.

We will be sharing more on this, super soon!

That's all for this time. We're eager to see you try Olvy AI and hear your feedback because we're listening👂