Olvy Feedback
1 February 2024

With Olvy AI Copilot, finding patterns in feedback relied on keyword extraction, feedback type, and other widgets, but these weren't enough to clearly identify patterns and lacked a broader picture.

Today, we have something massive to announce!

After successfully launching our brand new AI Copilot, we have introduced a new widget in it β€” Themes ✨

Themes in Olvy AI Copilot

Themes offer a comprehensive understanding of the diverse topics users discuss in their feedback. It intelligently groups similar feedback under relevant themes, providing a centralized and organized view.

With Themes, users can dive into the nuances of user sentiments, gain valuable context, and efficiently streamline the feedback analysis process. It can be a game-changer for you, helping you discover new topics effortlessly, make informed decisions, and ultimately enhance user satisfaction. Upgrade your feedback analysis experience with Olvy's Themes and stay ahead of user requests.

You can find the Themes widget in the Olvy AI Copilot, where you can read through different patterns identified by Olvy AI and click them to filter and check relevant feedback, just like you interact with other widgets.

Highlight Themes in the Feed

You can filter themes not only via Olvy AI Copilot but also via your feedback filter. Once filtered, you can find the relevant themes highlighted in your feedback card, helping you read through feedback easily!

That's all for this time. We are committed to making your qualitative analysis easier with everything we build. Themes will revolutionize your analysis workflow and help you save hours of manual work. We are super excited to see you try and hear your feedback on Themes.

Let us know what more you would like the Copilot to automate for you. We're always listeningπŸ‘‚