Olvy Feedback
19 October 2023

As businesses scale to enterprise levels, they often find themselves flooded with a huge volume of user feedback, making it really difficult to manage all the feedback, let alone real-time analysis and comprehension. All these enterprise companies need a way to convert that unstructured, mammoth level of qualitative data into well-enriched, meaningful, structured data.

Keeping that in mind, we introduced Olvy AI Copilot a few months back to help you analyze high volumes of feedback in real-time and turn that into actionable tickets. But the problem doesn’t end here, as the analysis we were showing earlier wasn’t enough. So, to make our Copilot more dynamic and scalable, we revamped the Olvy AI Copilot and gave it a fresh new look and feel.

Let’s have a look at what’s new in the Olvy AI Copilot:

Dynamic AI

We've taken a leap from just presenting data. Olvy AI Copilot no longer just shows data; it now adapts and responds based on your input and requirements. It’s like your dynamic assistant!

Modular Design and Flexible Widgets

We've transitioned to a modular design approach, making the interface more scalable and adaptable for the future. Flexibility in widgets lets you arrange the order of the widgets as per your convenience and importance.

As we continue to gain more insights, it’ll let us seamlessly introduce new widgets to showcase data in diverse formats.

Powerful Summaries

Our revamped 'Generate Summary' feature lets you extract concise 20-point summaries, a game-changer when handling extensive feedback volumes.

Visual Feedback Type

We've gone beyond mere text-based feedback categorization with our new visual representation. Now, no more sifting through words when you can visually see which category has a higher feedback quantity.

Richer User Profiles

We’ve enriched and enhanced our user profiles so you can prioritize your users, especially those who may be having a bad experience with your product. It's a valuable asset for delivering top-notch user experiences.

New Company Widget

We’ve introduced a new enriched company widget to help you closely monitor your user's satisfaction and stay informed about their needs.

These are just a taste of the improvements we’ve made. Feel the whole new experience of Olvy AI Copilot yourself.

Stay tuned with us as we’re redefining the landscape of Qualitative Feedback Analytics with Olvy.