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26 November 2022

Hola everyone 👋

Previously, we had released the first version of multi-language support for your changelog page. This time we're back with full-fledged support for multi-language changelogs.

Keeping user-friendly changelogs is not easy. Especially if your app has users in different countries and they speak different languages. You can’t cater to every single user out there by writing separate changelogs for each of their native languages. But now you can! With Olvy, it’s now possible to support multiple languages across your app in the most natural way possible.

How to use it?

  1. Enable support for other languages: Go to workspace settings > multi language and select a default language for your changelogs. This default language will be used for your changelog page when a user first visits your page. Below, you'll see a list of languages, enable the language that you'd like to support and save your changes.

    🔹 We will generate automatic translations for your existing live release notes in the background with respect to the languages that you want to support.

  2. Create new translated release notes: Your previous live release notes should be translated at this point. Now when you write a new release note, we've made some changes to the publish flow to incorporate translations into it.

    When you have multi-language enabled, you'll see a new translations button at the top. After writing your release note, click on translations to see translation options for your release note.

    Select a language option from the list to generate a translated version of your release note.
    If you'd like to make some changes to the translation, click edit translation and make changes to your translation. This edited translation will be auto-saved.

    Alternatively, if you'd like to go back and regenerate the translation, you can click generate auto-translation and this will create another auto-translation of your release note in the selected language.

    This translated note will be shown on your changelog page when a user changes the language. If you have multiple languages enabled, be sure to generate a translated version for every language that you want to support.

    How to enable multi-lingual widgets?

    You can now also have widgets that have multi-language support. Every widget can have its own default language. You can also choose to show/hide the language switcher.

    1. Go to announcement widgets > open your widget or create a new widget.

    2. Inside settings > content section, you'll see two new options Widget language and Show language switcher

    3. Change the language of the widget and toggle show/hide the language switcher.

🐞 Bug fixes and improvements

We've also squashed some bugs and made some improvements as follows:

  1. Added support for importing Companies and Tags for your users in CSV Import.

  2. Improved and cleaned up the design for your releases page and widgets, with support for more theme colors.

  3. Fixed a bug where images were not being displayed in email notifications in some email clients.

  4. Fixed an issue where updating a release note was failing for some users.

  5. Fixed an issue where the image on the signup page was not being shown.

  6. The text input when you reply to feedback now automatically expands based on the length of your reply.

  7. Fixed a bug where the color picker was not showing when editing a release category.

  8. Fixed a bug where GIF images were not playing when added as a featured image to a release note.

  9. We've made ordering changes on the feedback feed, users reported that when they opened unread feedback and went back it moved to the bottom of the list and they lost track. That doesn't happen anymore.

  10. Filters on your feedback feed are now persistent across sessions. When you come back to the feedback feed you will see the filters restore to the ones you had previously applied.

Got feedback or a bug report for us?
Reach out to us on Twitter or share your feedback on this release right away

Until next time, Team Olvy ✌️