Olvy Feedback
24 October 2023

Some questions require you to dig deeper into your user feedback - maybe you want to discover the sentiment about a feature in a particular timeframe. Getting to this data was difficult because of limitations in the types of filters we allowed you to add, we're changing that.

We're introducing the modern way of feedback filtration with Olvy's Conditional Filters āœØ that bring endless flexibility in filtering feedback along with customizability, letting you effortlessly navigate through all the user feedback.

Oh! it isn't it. We've got a lot more exciting updates on this. Let's have a look at what all it uncovers for you.

The Brand New Conditional Filters āœØ

All the filters are now clubbed inside the spotlight, a unified place to search, choose, and select your desired filters. You can either click the 'Filter' button or go keyboard native by clicking 'Cmd + K' on Mac or 'Ctrl + K' on Windows to access them.

Once a filter is applied, you can change the condition by clicking the conditions in each filter's pill. You can also add multiple filters to form a sentence-like query and navigate through your sea of feedback like a breeze šŸƒ

Expand and Collapse Your Filters

After applying too many filters, seeing them on top of your feedback feed might get overwhelming. But don't worry, we've got your back. Our all-new interaction allows you to collapse and expand your filters with a click. So, you can now anytime collapse or expand your filters with a click!

Highlight Your Filters in the Feedback Feed

Every time you apply any filter, the feedback data properties get highlighted in your feedback feed for better skimming.

Some New Filtering Options!

With all the new interactions and filtering improvements, we are also introducing a couple of new filters, as recommended by you! Here's everything you need to know about them:

Suggestive Filters

We have crafted our filters in a way that Olvy recommends relevant filters based on the ones you add. Here are some examples of suggestive filters:

  • Olvy would suggest adding a 'Review' filter whenever you apply a marketplace filter, like Playstore or App Store.

  • Olvy would suggest adding an 'Upload File' or 'Select Widget' filter whenever you add the 'Feedback Bulk Import' or 'Widget' filter respectively.

Content Filter

We let you add 'content' as a filter so you can find all the similar feedback containing the same content. The content filter is case insensitive.

Custom Date Filter

We have improved our date selection flow, giving you more flexibility in selecting custom date ranges and conditions. You can filter feedback based on the date created and track and analyze the time period when you receive higher feedback volume.

Revenue Filter

Alongside AI Insights, you can prioritize your feedback based on revenue impact. So, now is the time to filter feedback based on 'Revenue Potential' or 'Revenue Earned' and work closely with your sales team! (Learn More)

Introducing Read Mode šŸ“–

Olvy provides you with multiple data properties that can often be overwhelming while going through your feedback feed. With 'Read Mode', you can customize your feed by hiding relevant properties so you can focus on what matters the most, which is your user's feedback. You can also partially hide properties to have a more focused view of your feed.

That's it for this time, we highly recommend you transform your feedback analysis by leveraging the capabilities of Olvy AI Copilot and Conditional Filters as a combination to analyze faster and more accurately.

We aim to unlock a new layer of customization with conditional filters for effortless analysis! Feel free to share your thoughts anywhere as we are always listening šŸ‘‚