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6 March 2023

We've been working hard on making some big changes to our platform, and we're excited to announce AI powered Changelog generation. This was one pain point we heard from our users where the biggest blocker for them to maintain the changelog was the amount of effort required, that's not true anymore.

Olvy will now help you write your Changelog using ChatGPT, and will do it in all in the same workflow you prefer. To use it, just create a release on your Olvy dashboard and in the editor, select Start Writing with AI...

You can either add some notes on things you've shipped and you would like to cover, or link issues to the release to automatically consider them in your updates.

You can also generate the changelog in any format you prefer - be it bullet points, paragraphs, or a separate list of features, fixes, and improvements.

We're also live on ProductHunt today, join the Discussion there

We also made another recent improvement to Olvy Changelog which you should check out. With Multilanguage Support you can publish your changelog in multiple languages from your preferred language

Other Features 🪄 & Bugfixes 🐛

  1. Now you get a prompt when navigating away if you have unsaved changes on your widgets - No more lost work!

  2. Added an option to duplicate a release note - You can now easily duplicate any release note.

  3. You can now add a custom OG image for each release note.

  4. Fixed a bug where overlay was being shown even if you had disabled it for your feedback widget

  5. Fixed a bug where screenshot wasn't working in feedback widget

  6. Fixed olvyUtils.hideWidget function not hiding the widget

We hope these changes will make using our platform even better than before! If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to share your feedback here.