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24 January 2023

Customer feedback is an important source of information for companies, as it can help them understand how their products or services are perceived by customers and identify areas for improvement. By collecting and analysing customer feedback, companies can make informed decisions that lead to better customer experiences and increased satisfaction.

In Zendesk, customer feedback is typically received and managed by support teams or agents, who are responsible for reviewing the tickets and taking the appropriate action to address the feedback or resolve any issues. Tickets can be organised and prioritised based on various criteria, such as the type of feedback, the severity of the issue, or the customer's level of satisfaction.

We are excited to announce the launch of the Olvy-Zendesk integration ❤️, which allows users to push feedback from Zendesk tickets directly to Olvy. 😀

With this integration, users can easily track and manage customer feedback in one place, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of their customer support efforts.

Setting Up the Integration

  1. Authorise your Zendesk Customer Support with Olvy's Workspace.

  2. Once the integration is done, you can configure your Zendesk workspace if you want to add custom tags. If the custom tag is configured then it will take olvy as the default tag.

  3. Go to your Zendesk tickets and tag it with the configured custom tag or olvy, then the ticket will be pushed to Olvy as feedback.

  4. You can install Olvy sidebar app from the Zendesk marketplace & Use it to push feedback manually to the Olvy dashboard.

Capturing Feedback with Zendesk Integration

Once you are done with integrating Zendesk with Olvy -

  1. You can tag the tickets with olvy or any custom tags you have configured on integration configuration to push the ticket to Olvy.

  2. You can manually push the feedback from the ticket once you install Olvy sidebar app on Zendesk.

You can move over to message activity in Feedback, here you can send an announcement to your users and inform them about anything you ship that they had asked for and finally complete the loop to deliver customer delight.

Summing up, Olvy's Zendesk Integration helps you with -

  1. Pushing relevant feedback directly from Zendesk and analyzing all the feedback in one place.

  2. Keep a track of all the user feedback and the activities that the user does on Olvy.

  3. Communicate with all the users who gave feedback for all the research and communication purposes.