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2 December 2022

Hi folks,

We just wrapped another week here at Olvy with another new release for you, here it is.

You have a community around your product on Telegram you get a lot of valuable feedback there. With any community with more than a few members, it becomes difficult to keep track of all the feedback you receive and keep those members informed whenever you ship something they’ve asked for.

Olvy's Telegram integration helps you solve this problem. Once set up you can push any message you receive in your Telegram community to Olvy, and we will give you insights on top of all the user feedback you've pushed to Olvy, and help you convert the common themes from your user feedback into your engineering roadmap, and finally close the loop with your users once you ship something they've asked for.

How to Setup

  1. Head on over to Telegram and go @OlvyFeedbackBot's profile.

  2. Click on "Add to Group or Channel", select the group you want to add the bot to, and add the bot as an Admin. The bot needs be added as an admin to be able to read messages to identify user feedback for you.

  3. Now, head on over to your group and run the /connect command for the bot. You will be shown a prompt to connect the group to your Olvy workspace. Click on Connect.

  4. You will then be redirected to Olvy, where you will need to log in and select the workspace you want to link the telegram group to. Once you click on Connect, the @OlvyFeedbackBot will be connected to your Telegram group.

There are two ways to push feedback to Olvy using the Telegram Bot.

  1. Using the feedback hashtag
    Any message on the telegram group that contains the hashtag #feedback will be added a feedback to your Olvy workspace. You customise this hashtag to whatever you like in the Integration configuration on Olvy (refer to configuring the integration below)

  2. By mentioning @OlvyFeedbackBot
    Found a message you want to push as a feedback? Just reply to that message and mention @OlvyFeedbackBot and it will be pushed to your Olvy workspace.

🪲 We also pushed a lot of bug fixes and small improvements over the last week.

  1. Fixed a bug with language preferences not persisting for some users on their release portal.

  2. Fixed an issue where the custom scrollbar on our widgets caused issues when users added a higher border radius to their widgets via Custom CSS.

  3. Fixed an issue with the Hubspot integration where profiles for new contacts were not being created when users tried to load the Hubspot integration widget.

  4. Fixed a bug with release note formatting where some users saw a URL encoded version of their releases temporarily.

That's all for this week's update. Please share your feedback with us to help us what all the things we should build and fix next.

See you again next week 👋