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10 September 2021

We use Github very heavily. Every line of code we've ever written lives on Github.

And there are users we've talked to who are in the same boat as us, it's just that they use Github releases to manage their release notes.

Which is fair. If you're an open source first company, or a company building for developers, or if the primary users of Github are your primary users managing your release notes on Github makes a lot of sense.

But here's the thing. You also want to maintain a nice public facing changelog / release notes for your product. Your managed version (if you're an open source company) needs a nice UI for users who're not on Github.

🎉 We've now made it possible for you to integrate your Github releases with Olvy, so you can continue to manage your releases on Github and we will automatically import them for you and serve it on your beautiful release notes page hosted with Olvy.

It's a few clicks, and you're integrated. Let us show you how.

There are some features like Featured Links, Categories, Projects, Contributors etc. that Github doesn't support, but don't worry, you can configure these options on Olvy once your release has been synced.

As always, we're always listening to all the feedback you have for us, so let us know.

Excited to see you ship wonderful things!