Olvy Feedback
17 August 2022

Your product has a lot of things happening in and around it, and you probably already have a dashboard on your favorite visualization or analytics tool, or maybe you want to have one of those. The dashboards you already have in other tools don't get the job done when it comes to your user feedback and your announcements. There has to be a single place you can head to find out what your users are saying about your product, what are they asking for, where is most product feedback coming from... and a bunch of other questions.

You already have your user feedback, issues from your users, your release notes page and your in-app widgets in Olvy, a lot is happening there too. We've refreshed our entire dashboard to help you identify everything that's happening with your users who interact with anything that's powered by Olvy.

The old dashboard gave you your release page stats (pageviews, visitors, featured link clicks), the overall sentiment analysis, the reactions you've received. In the dashboard we've added, the number of times your "What's New" widget was opened, the amount of feedback you've received, the product issues you've discovered in that feedback, the number of notifications you've sent to your users via Olvy, the number of releases you've created out of your user feedback, your top users, the top sources for your feedback, the top keywords and a lot more.

Let's leave the update till here, why don't go ahead and log in to your Olvy workspace and have a look. Then, let us know what you think. We're always listening to all user feedback we receive, we're waiting for yours.