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Olvy Dashboard
26 October 2022

Hope you're having a great week!

We've had a feedback widget for some time now, but the widget only worked as a text box where your users could share their feedback with you. Almost every feedback widget in the world works like that. We decided we could do better, and today we're excited to announce the all-new Olvy Feedback Widget.

Here's everything we've changed with the new feedback widget.

Improved and re-designed feedback widget: Olvy's feedback now matches your website design πŸ€© . Select between new options like header images, title text colour and content.

Feedback analysis just got more contextual : Get to the exact context of user feedback by allowing users to upload multiple media attachments πŸ“ with feedback.

Increase your feedback collection with the πŸ†• Rating Widget: Capture user feedback in a two-step process, capture the overall user experience with ratings and ask insightful follow-up questions πŸ™‹

βœ‹ Wait...! I just realised that by using Olvy, I can close the feedback loop right or just collect feedback  : Bingo πŸ™Œ !, you guessed it right. Now, you can close Feedback loops πŸ” with users directly on the feedback widget with Replies!

πŸ› We've also pushed a lot of small bug fixes and improvements.

  1. Improved performance for dashboard stats and usage stats. You can now log in faster to accounts with millions of users.

  2. Fixed bugs related to release scheduling, where removing a schedule from a scheduled release after publishing caused an error.

  3. Fixed an issue where some users who signed up after invites were not automatically redirected to the invitations list page.

  4. Better error handling and warnings in the Olvy Widget script. Now chances your widget doesn't automatically link to the elements on your single-page app are verrrrry low.

  5. A fix where the pricing plan indicator on sidebar wasn't showing the correct plan and time left.

That's it for now, and keep your eyes out for the next update and shoot your feedback to our team.

Until next time πŸ‘‹