Olvy Dashboard
10 August 2022

You've probably already built the great habit of asking your users for feedback and adding all feedback you receive across all your channels to Olvy, but why? There's another reason for you to do that. Olvy now has feedback insights, all feedback we receive on your workspace is run through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) system and our own analytics layer so we can generate a summary for you as you go along.

Previously, we only helped you identify the sentiment in your user feedback. Now we give you top keywords, users, sources, along with sentiment analysis. So you can answer questions like, "What do my users think about my product?", "Who are my product champions in my community?", and "Where are my users the most engaged with me?". You can even figure out things proactively, for example "The word 'Slow' has increased in the recent days, is there something wrong with our performance?"

The Insights feature is available in our Essentials and Business plans at the moment, and there's no specific setting for you to enable this. Every feedback you add to your Olvy workspace automatically becomes a part of the insights we generate for you.