Olvy Feedback
5 July 2023

Before Olvy most of users maintained an excel sheet for their product feedback, also some of their feedback was in different tools. For them, we've built a Feedback Importer that supports CSV, TSV, and Excel files. In just three simple steps, you can seamlessly import your existing feedback into Olvy and consolidate it all in one place.

Here are the steps on how to use the latest integration.

Uploading Feedback

Once your feedback is already neatly organized in a structured CSV, TSV, or Excel file, effortlessly import it into Olvy. Just navigate to the integrations section, find the Feedback Importer to seamlessly upload your file.

You can also download and refer to the Sample CSV file as an example of the format that our system understands. This provides an illustration of the type of file structure that is compatible with our system, helping you ensure a smooth import process with seamless compatibility.

Mapping Fields

Utilize the dropdown options to align your data with the feedback fields recognized by Olvy. By selecting the appropriate mappings, you can establish a correspondence between your existing data and Olvy's feedback fields. Additionally, with the help of the live Preview feature, you can visualize how your feedback will appear once it is imported. This allows you to ensure the accuracy and formatting of your imported feedback before finalizing the process.

In situations where the feedback body is empty for certain rows, our system will exclude those entries from the import process since a feedback body is a mandatory field. However, all other feedback with a valid body will be imported without any issues.


Simply click on the "Import Feedback" button to bring your feedback directly into the Olvy dashboard.

With this 3 step process, you can now easily bring your feedback directly into Olvy and gain valuable insights from it. Once imported, the feedback will be available in the dashboard, allowing you to access and analyze it in a centralized location.

If the number of feedback you are trying to import exceeds the limit of your current Olvy Plan, our system will only import the initial feedback up to the plan's limit. This ensures that the total number of imported feedback remains within the plan's allowed threshold.