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8 November 2023

A couple of months back, we launched Generate Summary feature in our Olvy AI Copilot to help you summarize tons of user feedback in just one click so you don't have to go through each of them manually to make sense out of it.

As Olvy's summaries used to give you only the top 5 things your users request, you might miss out on a lot more things if you have thousands of feedback as the top 5 may not cover all the things you need to improve. So, to solve this problem and help you get more precise and comprehensive summaries we're up with Generate Summary 2.0

Let's take a look at what we've introduced and improved in this version of summary generation.

Custom Summary Length

Earlier, Olvy only used to give a 5-pointer summary mentioning the top 5 things your users have asked for, but this has its own shortfalls. To get rid of it, we have introduced the summary length customization feature, which means you can now tailor the summary length as per your needs and choose whether you want the top 5, 10, 15, or 20 user requests in your summary as per your requirement. This implies you can now dive deeper into your user problems in just one go with more user requirements list ready in hand.

But here's one catch. To customize the summary length, you need to have a minimum feedback count in your workspace.

  • 100 feedback for 10 points

  • 500 feedback for 15 points

  • 1000 feedback for 20 points

As you keep adding more feedback to your workspace, you'll unlock more customization options till twenty pointers.

Olvy Recommends

Every time you generate a feedback summary, Olvy AI Copilot smartly recommends what possible actions you should take tailored to your user needs reflecting upon by the feedback summary. You can use the recommendations to get a head start and then prioritize on top of it.

Improved and Better Interactions

Along with letting you customize the summary length, we've worked on improving interactions by letting you take different actions, such as stop, regenerate, or cancel summary to elevate your feedback summarization experience. Here's a glimpse of it 👇

Keywords Highlight

We've enhanced our system and made it more advanced to give you comprehensive summaries with precision. Along with that, to give you better insights, we highlight the most recurring keywords in the summary so you can get an overview of what your users are mostly talking about. Not only that, you can also filter feedback data by clicking on the highlighted keyword and narrowing down the analysis as much as you want.

That's all for this time! We're constantly working on helping you elevate your complete feedback analysis workflow, and this was just one more step towards that. Let us know if you have any feedback or doubts; always there to listen 💜