Olvy Dashboard
16 August 2021

Olvy is a release notes tool, so naturally our releases text editor is a major part of our product. It felt odd to us that the editor experience we had live on the product was the one we built early on, and didn't make any major enhancements in the months since. Well, it changes today. We spent some time improving parts of the release editor, and made some minor enhancements.

We didn't have emoji support, which let's face it we should have had from day one. I mean what product doesn't have emojis! You can add emojis to your releases by just pressing : and selecting the one you want ❤️

Also, it's now easy to reorder images in the editor with selections and the drop location highlighted for you. You can now directly paste and drop images from anywhere on the web or your clipboard.

We've also made the sidebar a little larger and organised it so that the features most frequently used by our customers are at the top.

🔗 Permalinks / Slugs

Depends on what you call it. Apparently, the world hasn't yet agreed on a single term to use for this.

For what?

Example, the release you're reading right now would've had its release URL as:


This didn't look good when people (or us) shared a release note on social media. So, you can now customize whatever comes after your release note's URL.

So this release note is also available at:


You can customise it for your release notes in the release editor sidebar

That's it for this one folks! We've a few more releases scheduled for the coming weeks (using Olvy's schedule feature 😛), meanwhile let us know if you any more feedback on the editor 🤘