Bug Fix
Releases Page
13 March 2021

We displayed an excerpt of your release note on the home page with an option for your users to click "Read More" to view the complete release. It worked fine, but we received some feedback and we've made the updates.

First things first, there was an issue where the release excerpt didn't have the formatting added to the release note. That is now fixed. The release excerpt now maintains formatting of your release note. So yayyy... I guess

Now the fix aside, what if you don't want the release excerpt at all? Some of our users didn't. We've added an option to disable release excerpts in appearance settings. If you have excerpts disabled we will not show the "Read More" thing and instead show the complete release note on the home page.

That's it. This was a small release note, but I don't want to show the whole thing on the homepage, so I have release excerpts enabled and that's why you had to click on "Read more" to read this line (if you're coming from the homepage, that is).

Anyway, as usual. The feedback box is open. Let us know if you face any issues, or have some more suggestions for us