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26 May 2023

Olvy automatically brought your feedback in, but categorizing each feedback as a feature request, bug report, idea, or question still required you to manually tag it as that.

Not anymore 🤯

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of auto-tagging for feedback 🚀. We have implemented an intelligent system that automatically identifies the type of feedback based on its content. So whether it's a feature request, product idea, bug report, question, or praise, Olvy will now assign the appropriate type to each feedback. This automation powered by Olvy AI Copilot streamlines your feedback categorization process, saving you valuable time and effort.

You will also find an overview of the feedback types in the Olvy AI Copilot option in your feedback feed. When you hover over a type, you will also find the top keywords in each feedback type to better understand what parts of your product have the most bugs or feature requests. You can also combine the feedback-type filters with other filters to dive deep into the problem you're working on.

We've also added the Olvy AI Copilot to the feedback page, where you will find everything the Copilot has helped you with within the AI Enrichment tab. We're starting with automatically detecting and categorizing your feedback based on the type, but we also plan to introduce enrichment for more properties for your feedback.

The dream of a self-organizing feedback workspace, requested by a lot of you is now a reality ✨

Let us know what more you would like the Copilot to automate for you. We're always listening👂