Olvy Feedback
11 November 2022

You're probably running your product's community on Slack, or Discord. Most of our users are, and a good portion of them have feedback channels set up where their community members can post the feedback they have. It's useful because you don't have to manually push every piece of feedback you find, it streamlines the process by having users themselves post their feedback on a dedicated channel.

With Olvy you can now automatically import all these messages landing in these #feedback channels to analyse what your users are saying and to close the loop. Here's how to set it up.

Once you set up your integration you'll automatically prompted to configure it, if you've already set it up you can click on the ⚙️ icon on the integration list to open the configuration menu. At the top you'll find the setting to define your channels where you want to import the user feedback from. If you want to automatically import all existing messages in that channel check the "Import Existing Messages" option, and add some tags so that all feedback that comes through your selected channels gets these tags added automatically.

Click on Add and once you've added all your channels, click on Save. Now go ahead and post a message on your feedback channels and you'll see it automatically flow in. For Slack the feedback import is real-time, but for Discord due to how its API works we import all feedback every 1 hour for you.

🪲 We've also squashed a few bugs and made some improvements.

  1. We brought the custom status mapping we added to Clickup last week to Linear too. If you have custom statuses set up on Linear, you can map them to the issue statuses on Olvy and keep both systems in sync. (Go ahead and configure your Linear integration)

  2. Fixed responsiveness and made some design cleanups in release subscription and your team notification emails.

  3. Fixed a bug where workspaces which didn't have webhooks enabled, had to enable it before using the Zapier integration. You can now do that right from the Zapier integration screen.

  4. Change the icon for selecting feedback type to one which we feel better describes the functionality.

  5. Fixed an issue where images were not being loaded for some users on the getting started page

  6. Fixed an issue where the Copy Code option didn't show the copied state in widget installation help inside the product.