Olvy Dashboard
30 May 2021

We've always had an option to add custom CSS to your releases page so that you get complete control over what your releases page will look like, but it wasn't easy for everyone. We know our users might not know a lot of CSS, so we're making some improvements to the appearance settings.

Theme Color Editor

You can now customize the color scheme of your releases page as you like (with nice color pickers and staying 6 feet away from CSS).

Here's how it looks like.

Also, this does not mean custom CSS is going away. If you'd like you can always customize the look and feel by overriding with your own CSS as you've always done. Here's a link to our documentation with details on the CSS variables available for you to override.

Different Emoji Styles

Along with this, we also received feedback on our default Emojis. Their animated fun design didn't fit the brand of some of our customers, so we listened. Olvy now has support for multiple emoji styles, the original Olvy emojis are selected by default, but you can also now switch to Twitter's, Google's, or Apple's emoji styles (pick whatever fits better with your brand design)

That's it. Excited to see what you folks come up with, and let us know if you have any feedback.