14 November 2020
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Discover the wide range of embeds that Olvy supports

Olvy editor supports embedding content from third-party services, such as Trello, Youtube, Github gists, and more.

Here's what you need to do to embed third party content on Olvy editor.

1) Go to the release editor click on the embed icon from the formatting tool bar

2) Copy and paste the URL of the content you want to embed in the embed link form.

Olvy embeds are compatible with a wide range of services like:
1. Youtube
2. Airtable
3. Codepen
4. Github
5. Google Slides
6. Lucid Chart
7. Loom
8. MindMeister
9. Prezi
10. RealtimeBoard (Miro)
11. Spotify
12. Trello
13. Typeform
14. Vimeo
15. Figma
16. Framer
17. Invision
18. SoundCloud

Here is a demo of the Youtube player,

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