10 June 2021
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If there is a team behind it, and they’ve shipped something great, share the spotlight!

Introduce your users to the people building the tool they love.
It’s not something totally new and out of the blue, open source projects often have names of contributors in their changelogs.

AngelList allows you to add people to projects.

We thought β€œCool! Why not allow our users to showcase people behind there releases”.

So here is how it works πŸ‘‡

1) Enrich your team's user profile

Invite your team to join Olvy and ask them to enrich their profile in the edit profile section. This data will be used to show their profile in your release notes.

2) Add Contributors

In the editor, you will notice that we have introduced a new field in the settings section of the editor. Once you click on the field you will be able to see all your team in one place. You can search the respective team members who were part of the release and add them.

3) Here is how it will look on your release page

4) Thank you notes

We have also added a very interesting twist to this feature (like we always do πŸ˜›). Olvy has always cared about feedback, so here we have introduced a way for your users to send a sweet gesture of appreciation to your team.

The feature is called thank you notes, every release where contributors are added your users will be to send a thank you feedback by clicking on the beautiful red heart icon.

Here is a list of places where you can find them inside the dashboard.

a) Feedback Page

We have added a new section in Feedback page called "Thank You Notes"

b) Post analytics

c) Dashboard

We also showcased behind the scenes of how Olvy is built πŸ₯³ check out this super cool video by our team.

Hope you enjoyed this little fun feature, make sure you add your team members and celebrate your releases together.

Feature Demo

Here is a small feature demo that we have added for you πŸ˜ƒ

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