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Magically engage your visitors with eye-catching in-app notification widgets. This was one of the most awaited functionalities and working on it was absolutely worth it. Here is all you need to know about our in-app widgets.

What are in-app widgets?

With Olvy, in-app widgets announce important news, latest product updates, special offers, and more, with an easy to install in-app widget. Use our beautifully crafted widgets to increase user engagement by formatting content and adding images, videos, and GIFs to tell a better story.

Olvy's in-app widgets take less than 5 minutes to install in your existing app or website. Also, your audience can engage with your widget notifications by reacting and commenting on them to send you feedback about your latest releases and announcements. You can also gauge their true feelings about your releases with Olvy's sentiment analysis.

Multiple widget styles

We have multiple widget styles and variations that you can implement, like modal, sidebar, and embed style. You can also have a post open up by clicking on the widget, and you can also make the style compact to make it easier for the users to get a quick glance at the updates.

Easy to install

You can start working with Olvy in just a few seconds by adding our embed script in your code.

Get feedback and reactions right from the widgets

See what people really think about your latest updates with feedback from reactions and comments. You can analyze the results of your releases with Olvy's unique sentiment analysis feature, where you can get a quick understanding of whether the feedback is positive or negative.

Here's a short clip showing how the feature UI looks like and how you can use it.

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