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Here's an exciting new update! You can now enable user identification to see the details of the users who comment on your release by following some simple steps. User identification can help you understand how each of your users interacts with your releases, and if you'd like, you can reach out to them personally to discuss the feedback that you may have received.

If you click on 'Install Olvy' on the left sidebar menu and scroll to the bottom, you'll see a User Identification section. As mentioned there, to enable user identification on your release feedback, in your codebase, after initializing Olvy's script on your page, call the Olvy.setUser function with the details of the user.

You can pass the below four user parameters in the function,

  1. name – Your user’s name

  2. email – Your user’s email address

  3. identifier – A unique identifier of your choice, like a user id or a username

  4. meta - Add any other information of the user, like the tenant or organization they belong to, etc.

On clicking on 'Feedback' on the left sidebar menu, you'll see a 'Submitted by' column, which will show the name and email id of the user who made the particular comment.

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