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People do multiple things. One of our co-founders at Olvy is a designer, a former national level dancer, and at least 83.2% of a developer. We know like our team you, and your company does multiple things. You might have an amazing iOS app, an Android app, a web app, a public API, some SDKs, or maybe some hardware. All of these are shipped by your organization and come under a single product, so it doesn't make sense to have multiple release note pages setup for every different thing.

Olvy now has support for Projects. You can assign one to your release in the release editor, and your releases get organized under it. Your users can will then be able to filter your releases by projects. So if someone wants to see what releases were made to your iOS app they can just filter by the iOS app project, and we'll show them only the ones they've asked for.

You can manage all the projects in your organization by going to the "Projects" tab in the sidebar. We automatically set some up when you sign up, but you can always go ahead and customize your projects as we have.

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