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Integrating a comment system in your releases is a great way to facilitate communication and to understand how your users feel about the particular release. Your users needs space to tell their thoughts.

Hence, Olvy team has built a way to receive comments on your new releases, which comes with an amazing twist

Each comment on your release note will pass through our advanced Sentiment Analysis feature, and that'll give you an overview of whether the comment was positive or negative.

Here is how our feature looks and everything that you can do with it!👇

1. Feedback

To view the comments on your releases, go to Feedback in the primary navigation. Here you can see a column with the E-Score (Emotional Score) that shows you if the comment is positive or negative, with the score value attached to it to indicate the intensity of the sentiment.

2. Mark as Spam or Archive comments

In the Actions column, you have the functionality of marking comments as spam or archiving them to exclude them from the overall analysis.

3. Overall Analysis

In the Dashboard tab, you can choose the timeframe of Last 24 hours, Last 7 days, or Last 30 days, to see the analysis based on the selected timeframe.

4. Disabling comments is also not that hard

Yea, you heard it right, want to disable comments on a release? We have got you covered. So, while creating a post you can check the "Disable Comments" option on the sidebar of your release editor to not allow your users to be able to comment on a particular release note.

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